Directory Structure


The default directory structure is intended to provide a great starting point for both Progressive Web App and Cordova App.

The Root Directory

  • /res This directory contains platform-specific resources such as launch icons, splash screens, configuration and resource files for the Cordova project.

  • /www This directory contains the project's HTML/CSS/JS assets.

  • config.xml It is a global configuration file that controls the Cordova app's behavior.

The www Directory

  • /assets This directory contains the CSS, JS, images, fonts assets etc.

  • /partials This directory contains the HTML files known as partials.

  • index.html This file is the entry point to the app.

  • manifest.json This Web App Manifest is a simple JSON file that tells the browser about your PWA and how it should behave when installed on the user's home screen.

  • service-worker.js This file empowers the PWA by enabling offline caching, push notifications etc.

  • .htaccess This is a configuration file for Apache Web Server.

  • favicon.ico This is a favicon in ICO format.

The assets Directory

The /assets contains two directories — /vendor and /custom

  • The /vendor directory contains the core dependencies, third-party libraries and plugins used in the app.

  • The /custom directory contains the custom assets such as images used in the app, CSS overrides or app-specific JavaScript functions.

The files in the /vendor directory might change with future releases.

Therefore, it is highly advised not to make any changes in CSS or JS files present inside the /vendor directory. If you want to make any changes such as styling then you should override those CSS in custom.css file and put it inside /custom/css directory. The same goes for JavaScript code as well, create a custom.js file and put it inside /custom/js directory.

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