Progressive Web App

By default, Nectar is a Progressive Web App (PWA) as it includes the main ingredients — the Web App Manifest and the Service Worker.

Web App Manifest

Web App Manifest provides information about a web application, generally named as manifest.json and located in the root directory of the project.

This file is necessary for the web app to be able to install on the user home screen.

This file contains information such as app name, description, theme colors, launch icons, app shortcuts etc.

The Web App Manifest is located as manifest.json

You can learn more about Web App Manifest at

Service Worker

Service Worker essentially acts as a proxy server that sits between the web app, the web browser, and the network connection.

Service Worker enables to create offline experiences, handle push notifications, sync data in background and so on.

The Service Worker is located as service-worker.js

This Service Worker contains the code for data caching providing offline experience and handling local push notifications.

You can learn more about Service Workers at

This Service Worker also includes Workbox library. You can learn more about Workbox at

To create Splash Screens for iOS PWAs, you should use the service —

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