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Cordova App


Nectar comes with config.xml, the configuration file for Cordova project, containing the most commonly required plugins and the default optimal configuration, ready to be compiled into native app for Android, iOS, and Electron (Desktop).

Installing Cordova CLI

For developing Cordova apps, you will need to install Cordova CLI on your machine. You can follow the official docs for installing and setting up Cordova environment according to your platform (Windows, Linux or MacOS)

Modifying Configuration File

After successfully installing the Cordova CLI, you can start modifying the config.xml file that comes with Nectar.
By default, config.xml file comes with the optimal configuration that you will need to develop Cordova app with minimal efforts.
If you want to add any Cordova plugins, you can add those inside config.xml file and during the compilation process they will be added to the project.
For Cordova, set <base href="." /> in index.html file.

Compiling Cordova Project

Once you have modified the config.xml and want to test on emulator or real device you can follow the process described here at