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Web Server

Nectar has Single Page Application (SPA) architecture. It means that all the HTML pages are dynamically loaded inside a parent HTML file (index.html) via AJAX, thus preventing page reload.
As AJAX is required for loading the HTML content, you must have a web server (localhost) installed on your machine.
You can install any one of the web servers of your choice.
If your development environment is Apache + MySQL + PHP, you can use XAMPP for Windows, Linux & macOS.

Code Editor

You can use any of these free code editors.

Web Browser

You should install the latest version of your targeted web browsers for testing of different features.

For Desktop

For Mobile

  • Chrome for Android
  • Safari for iOS
You can check the features supported by your targeted browsers here at and provide fallback for unsupported features accordingly.

Cordova App

For development and testing of Cordova app, you must install NodeJS, Cordova, Android Studio for Android, and XCode for iOS.
It is highly recommended to read the official Framework7 documentation while using Nectar. You can read the documentation at